Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cars- Planes- Hospital- and the Good Life

First off-We are both alive and well and still have all of our limbs. Phew! We just celebrated our 2 month anniversary, and what better way to celebrate then to spend 6 hours test driving cars! Which- we bought a car! But- we'll stay in order.

We spent several hours in the ER two-ish weeks ago. Super random. It was something small & silly. Painful- but silly.

Ben got an A on his accounting test- woohoo! BUT- wants to make it clear- he does not want to be an accountant, haha. He was also feelin' wild one day and decided to give away some of his beloved Nikes. So there's that.

Friday I flew out to Orange County, CA to speak at a Mid-Singles Conference with John Bytheway. It's a lot harder to leave when you're married, thats for sure. But, Ben and I both survived. John & I flew in together and sat next to eachother. We were playing games together on his iPad. When we got there we took a private propeller plane over the mountains to Temecula, CA. When they first told us about that, my very first thought was, "Oh great...perfect timing to read & finish Stephanie Neilson's book....... (a prop. plane crash survivor)" But like we said, alive, well, and all our limbs!  It was neat, John let me ride up front, and then we swopped on the way back the next day. Bright and early in the morning, I spoke first, then John. Did  you know Carl's Jr. has a food truck? Me either. But they do-and thats what was for lunch for us! I was a first-timer. It's ok. It was in the 90's out there - flew back together right after we spoke- got off the plane and it seemed ARCTIC outside here. But it was a fun, exhausting trip, met of a lot of incredible people and I came back feeling really blessed and spoiled.

I wrote a new post on my blog page, if you haven;t read it yet, read it HERE.

We're really committed to go to a pumpkin patch! We've been actively talking about it and somehow it just hasn't happened yet. Our $1 small pumpkin we got from Smith's grocery will just have to do until then.

We're both speaking in church on Sunday! They didn't give us topics, which makes things harder...for me at least. Ben picked forgiveness and I already know it's going to be absolutely incredible and powerful. I'm really excited to hear him! Me...I'm still thinking... we'll see!

We got our NY wedding reception invites designed and mailed. I am so glad we have that checked off our list of things to do. When Ben mailed them he even did little doodles to my family on the envelopes like: "Skinny Batman," the Koolaid man, and a Dinosaur....puking. He cracks me up, haha!

AND...........we bought a car!! Wahoo! And we couldn't have dreamed of a better deal. Seriously. A long series of events and a lot of hours at different dealerships, we got one! It's a 2014 VW Tigaun. (Pronounced Tih-Gwon. It makes us think of the word Iguana, so we've already nicknamed the car, The Lizard) And who knew that buying a car could lead to overwhelming feelings of our Savior's love for  us. No joke! There were so many miracles I don't think we could keep track or even begin to list them. There was even a part in this process where I almost cried because I knew, and physically could feel that this is coming directly from Heavenly Father. It was Heaven's help. There's no other way.  Us buying this car has really made me just blown away by prayer. I can't imagine living without it, I really can't. If you're praying and actually talking to Him, you'll be directed to incredible things. Sometimes, those things don't seem like the "logical" way- which makes decisions sometimes confusing and more difficult to do- but when you remember who's hands you're in and trust you are brought to things even greater than you ever knew was an option! Opportunities and miracles that would literally be impossible without God. Also, they threw in a free roof rack, Ben is still just  b e a m i n g  with excitement because of that, haha. Our salesman nickname is MagicMike also, if you were wondering.

So, there's that. And to end, here are the updates of the Ben dressing up Lucas since last post:


  1. I LOVE that you now have a family blog! Keep it up! You guys are great :)

  2. That is one patient dog. So glad things are going well for you!

  3. I was worried the ER visit and test driving cars were related...glad to hear they weren't.

  4. Just found your blog. I am hoping for more as it is amazing.

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