Friday, September 5, 2014

Books, Babies, and Blessings

Lots of updates! Where to begin? Since baby Gracie is cooler then us, we'll start with her. She is already 2.5 months old- she smiles all the time (especially when we say the words "Minnie" and "Pizza"), still incredibly peaceful all the time, never fussy, still sleeps through the night. This past week she went for all of her shots and we found out she weighs 11 lbs and 2 oz, yay! She in an awkward in-between stage for cloths, 0-3 month are GIANT on her, but newborns are really snug, Gracie is just really petite but really long. She went swimming for the first time out in Park City and loved it, probably because bath time is her favorite time. She loves using her legs, she is always trying to push off things and when we hold her she can push herself up to stand on her own. (watch, here) OH! I almost forgot, over a month ago she was blessed in church! It was super awesome! Ben's first baby blessing/fathers blessing <3

The three of us were filmed in a Mormon Message last month and should be coming out sometime in September. Ben had some lines to say so we're excited to see it.

I was filmed and interviewed by KSL that same week about using the internet for good, and that should air on TV the same Saturday as General Conference, right after it is over, in October. Baby girl Gracie had an appearance in that as well.

We went to the Ogden Temple open house and it was breathtaking!

We had our one year anniversary already, how wild is that! But at the same time we're more surprised it's only been a year because of everything we've done together and everything that's happened already. We went to Park City in the same hotel we went our wedding night. Gracie loved it and got to swim. I made this video for Ben, and if you haven't seen it yet, watch it! I compiled clips of old videos of us together, and a whole bunch of snippits from the videos we sent each other while he was still serving his mission, before we met each other. It's cute :)

Ben and I decided to write a book together, we have been working on it a ton and we only have 1 chapter left! We have a really great lead as to who is publishing it, but we don't want to count our eggs before they hatch, so we'll just keep it on the down-low until things are official. We tend to brainstorm and work better when we are in a car, so we decided to take a day trip to the Vernal, UT Temple last week to do a session and just crank out some more chapters that way. We're pretty excited to see what comes of this.

I wrote a new blog called The Secret To Have Your Best Life, and you can read it Here. Maternity leave ended and I had to go back to work this week, and naturally I didn't want to go back. Just as Gracie starts doing things, like babbling and lifting her head up and all these fun things, I have to leave, booo. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, it's good to be back for sure, and it's good that Ben will be home all day with her since he started Arizona State online a few weeks ago and so far he really loves it.

We don't love where we live but we are really trying to. Life is great! We're staying busy and productive with high ambitions and loving being parents, and we're pumped to see our life continue to unfold and blossom. Woo!