Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surprise Gender Reveal Vid

Well, if you haven't seen our video yet revealing baby Carraway's gender, watch it first!

Ben took me to Ensign Peak when we were still newly dating to see the Salt Lake view, including the view of where we had our first date, and he brought up marriage for the first time. I got so scared I didn't talk to him for the rest of the night. The next time we were there, he proposed!

It was pretty hard for Ben to do it this way because he really wanted to see the gender at the ultrasound. BUT for the record, I gave him his agency and told him he could know there as long as he didn't tell me. AND, P.P.S. after we did it this way he said, and I quote, "I'm so glad we did it this way, this was a ton of fun."Haha. Way to stick it out, babe! :)

We just always assumed it was a boy, and never gave it thought that there is still a possibility of getting a girl. No reason behind it, maybe because we just liked the name Crew so much, haha. The morning of the ultrasound, however, we both felt really strong that we would have a girl first, and alas, we are! Everyone on my side of the family guessed boy. I think the only ones who guess right, other than Facebook guesses, were Ben's dad and President Eyring. (Yes, I know last post President Eyring referred to the baby as a 'he', but a week later gave his official guess of a girl.)

It was definitely a surprise, but we are so pumped! I think every dad deserves a daddy's girl. To celebrate, we went to Motherhood to get a book Ben immediately picks up to read every time we walk in that store, "Fathers to Daughters." (Of course, before he'd pick up both of them ("Father to Son"), and read them until we left- he was counting down the days until he could finally get one.) It's super cute, just has 1 simple and cute piece of advice on each page. We cuddled on the couch before we went to bed reading out of it together. My favorite ones that I can remember off the top of me head is, be sure to keep her secrets, comb her hair after bath time, and tell her often that she can do anything.

So, here's to Baby Girl Carraway! Here's to Ben becoming the cutest and already the most loving dad-to-be. Here's to my 5th month being pregnant, and an increase of embarrassing stories that come with it, like peeing my pants from sneezing!

The name still isn't final; to be continued.